My Priorities

My top priority will be to reassess all commissioned positions to ensure we as an organization are being both efficient and effective with our resources. My primary focus will be putting more Patrol Deputies on the street and in other critical roles that directly impact public safety and the apprehension of criminal offenders.

As your Sheriff, I will compassionately and lawfully address the rising homeless population in Douglas County. I will work in collaboration with our County Commissioners and the Douglas County Homeless Initiative to connect homeless individuals with programs and services to help get them off the streets. As your Sheriff, the health and safety of all people within Douglas County will be paramount.

I will ensure that our excellent relationship with the Douglas County School District remains intact. My staff will work closely with the school district administration and security personnel to ensure our kids are safe in school. I will also advocate for school security and Sheriff’s Office personnel to train together annually on critical incident response and unified critical incident management.

My administration will work to increase the number of Community Response Co-Responder Teams to ensure we have adequate coverage to address the frequent mental health crisis calls for service in our community. I will also ensure all commissioned personnel are crisis intervention certified.

Law enforcement in our country has evolved over the years and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has evolved with it. Our personnel will continue to train on the latest tactics, equipment, caselaw and de-escalation techniques available. Our staff will continue to have the tools they need to do their jobs as safely and effectively as possible.

Darren Weekly - My primary focus is public safety and apprehension of criminal offenders